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          Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has issued the latest measures for foreigners to work in China, which provides more convenience for foreigners to work in Guangzhou.


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          The Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau released the "Several Measures on Further Optimizing the Processing of Work Permits for Foreigners in China" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") on its official website. It is mentioned that Guangzhou will implement mutual recognition of foreigners' work permit qualifications, allowing foreigners in the territory to directly apply for work permits.



          Foreigners can apply for work permit directly



          Foreigners who have obtained work permits from other cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area do not need to submit work qualification certificates (except those with different positions and occupations) and highest degree (educational education) certificates when applying for work permits in Guangzhou. The identified category can directly apply for a work permit.

          The work permit will be processed online throughout the entire process. After your approval, you can directly obtain the certificate for the newly-applied Category A foreigner work permit, you need to submit paper application materials if you required for the newly-issued Category B/C foreigner’s work permit, and obtain the certificate after verifying the original.



          Allowing foreign talents with "Foreign Work Permit" to work part-time in Guangzhou


          Foreigners with valid visas can directly apply for the "Foreigner Work Permit" in China after being hired by the employer. Foreign scientific and technological talents who have obtained the "Foreign Work Permit" can work part-time in Guangzhou with the approval of the employing unit and after filing with the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (Shenzhen Foreign Specialized Bureau). When filing, foreign scientific and technological talents should obtain the consent of the original employer and sign a written tripartite agreement with the original employer and the part-time employer to clarify their respective rights and obligations.



          Relaxation of working age restrictions for foreigners



          For foreign scientific and technological talents hired by the main undertaking units of national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects or foreign scientific and technological talents in urgent need for the development of key industries in various districts, the age limit shall be relaxed to no more than 65 years old upon recommendation by the unit; Technology talents can be exempted from the work experience requirement. For foreign high-skilled talents who meet the city's urgently-needed talent catalog or foreign high-skilled talents urgently needed for the development of key industries in various districts, the age should be appropriately relaxed the restriction to no more than 65 years old.

          In addition, for foreign scientific and technological talents who have participated in national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects and have a doctorate degree in key disciplines such as engineering, agriculture and medicine, they can apply for a foreign talent visa with a maximum validity of 10 years after being recognized. (R word).